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Love Will Overcome

  It’s hard to deny that some form of Christofascism is attempting to be entrenched in America.  The most effective way to resist this assault on democracy is to use what it lacks against it.  Christofascism is a movement that treats people as slaves to the powerful leaders. There is no empathy, no concern for those less fortunate. Might makes right. Every man for himself.  We can fight this inhumane form of government by caring for each other, loving one another. Now you may wonder, if we don’t matter in the universal scheme of things, why we should we care about each other. I’ll be addressing that in a coming post. 

You're not special

I firmly believe that there would be less hostility, less violence, and less sociopathy if people learned to not take themselves so seriously and not consider themselves entitled to anything they don’t offer in return. Do unto others, you know? We let our egos control our thoughts and emotions. We won’t let anyone offend us. If someone's from another country or speaks another language, we feel obliged to demand they speak English. Anyone who cuts in front of us in line will feel our wrath.  We shoot…over anything. It seems everybody is carrying a gun these days, and they're willing to use it in defense of their perceived right to always be right. Some of this may be due to overcrowding, some of it may be due to the availability of weapons or an inability to control our tempers. There's nothing worse than an armed, adult child having a tantrum. Whatever excuse is used, the reality is that we are failing to take responsibility. We say, "They made me do this", or &qu