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I believe…

 I am a humanist and a naturalist.  I’m also a stoic and existentialist.  I believe that in the grand scheme of things, on a universal scale, there are no reasons, no purpose. There is no cosmic meaning to life.  And yet, temporally, here we are, so let’s deal with that.  Humanist, because I’d rather be kind than cruel.  Naturalist, because I reject the supernatural in all its forms, as it cannot be verified or falsified. Religion, magic, astrology, mind reading, astral projection. All bunk.

Guest Post: Subjective Truth

Working in visual effects, you sit in Dailies every morning and have people tell you exactly what’s wrong with your work. When you first start going to Dailies it can be difficult to take that feedback. It can feel super personal… but eventually you realize that it’s a gift (and a generous one at that) for people to help you see the work through their eyes and help you see and fix things that are problematic (which you had not noticed.) And you quickly come to understand that 'Objective' Truth (with a capital 'T') is not a thing that any of us really has access to. Everything is filtered through personal, subjective, unique, and always flawed lenses that are our only ways to interpret reality. Our lowercase' t' subjective truths and experiences are ALWAYS (no matter how awesome or educated or whatever we are) distorted. How can we get to a more holistic understanding of the Truth? For me it’s about thinking about everybody’s perspective as a puzzle piece i


 I never chose to be born in America, but I was.  I never chose to be born male, but I am.  I never chose to be white, but I am.  It’s insanity to take pride in something you had nothing to do with. It’s wrong to feel shame over not having been born white, male, or American.  Your character is what matters.