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Guest Post: Subjective Truth

Working in visual effects, you sit in Dailies every morning and have people tell you exactly what’s wrong with your work. When you first start going to Dailies it can be difficult to take that feedback. It can feel super personal… but eventually you realize that it’s a gift (and a generous one at that) for people to help you see the work through their eyes and help you see and fix things that are problematic (which you had not noticed.)

And you quickly come to understand that 'Objective' Truth (with a capital 'T') is not a thing that any of us really has access to.

Everything is filtered through personal, subjective, unique, and always flawed lenses that are our only ways to interpret reality. Our lowercase' t' subjective truths and experiences are ALWAYS (no matter how awesome or educated or whatever we are) distorted.

How can we get to a more holistic understanding of the Truth?

For me it’s about thinking about everybody’s perspective as a puzzle piece in the grand panorama of reality. And each of our misshapen and fucked up puzzle pieces colored by our identities and experiences, can be assembled in a way that gives us a comprehensive, multidimensional picture of the greater whole that is infinitely more accurate and reflective of the Truth.

But that only works if you realize that your perspective is as flawed as everyone else’s & that everyone else’s perspective is valuable (however different) to a process of understanding & exploration.

Let’s say you and a friend are looking at the same object which you describe as a perfect circle but she describes it as a rectangle… Our solipsistic natures tell us that she (the other) is wrong… while she insists you’re wrong… and that’s generally how we react to being contradicted.

But what if you approach this from a perspective that tries to square the two descriptions (pun intended)… You can’t both be right, can we?

Yeah. You can… approaching it that way might suggest that you're both OBSERVING A CYLINDER. You from above, and her from the side.

And that’s the beauty of diverse viewpoints and perspectives (when you honor them and try to square their contradictions. It doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game. Through this lens we can move closer to a fuller understanding of the Truth by valuing and respecting others' perspectives HOWEVER MUCH WE MIGHT DISAGREE!!!!

Things that seem opposed CAN be completely true, but only if you open yourself to that possibility.

It can be true that innocent Israelis have died & that innocent Palestinians have died. 

It can be true that Israelis are indigenous & that Palestinians are indigenous. 

It can be true that there are terrible Israelis & incredible Israelis. 

It can be true that there are terrible Palestinians & incredible Palestinians. 

It can be true that Israelis deserve a homeland & that Palestinians deserve a homeland 

It can be true that Israelis are safe & free, & that Palestinians are safe & free.

When you feel like your assumptions are challenged, don’t shy away from the pain… lean into the pain and try to resolve it in a way that honors BOTH your truth and that of the other.

When you start from a place of trying to accept ALL the lowercase-t truths, you can actually move towards a better understanding of the capital-T Truth… and if enough of us can do that maybe we can get to some capital-P Peace.

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Mo Husseini



Creative design geek with a filmmaking background interested in the intersection of experience & technology. Living in the PNW of the USA.


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