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Old white men

If you were born white, you don’t have to let society define you.  If you were born male, you don’t have to let society define you.  If you’re a senior, don’t let society define you.  Society defines us based on generalizations and clich├ęs.  Define yourself.  

Quick thought

 If you don’t like yourself, you’ll always be suspicious of those who do like you. Why do they like someone you don’t like? Getting to know, like, and even love yourself is a real challenge for some people. But do you know who can help? Those people who like you.


 Christians often ask, “If god were proven beyond reasonable doubt that he exists, would you believe?” We might ask back, “If no reasonable evidence exists to prove your god exists, would you stop believing?” Christian proof is supernatural, our evidence must be natural. Neither of us accepts the other’s definition of proof.  Therefore the questions are unanswerable to the inquisitor’s satisfaction.


  A lot of stories on the web today about atrocities in the Middle East, and we want to think these are exceptional acts of inhumanity. But they aren’t.  It’s human nature.  No matter nationality, religion or lack thereof, no matter the color of your skin, what we call acts of inhumanity are actually quite human. Humans are a savage species when not restrained sufficiently by either their society or superstitious beliefs.  I wish I could be surprised by “man’s inhumanity toward man” but I’m not.  Obviously whatever social or religious constraints we rely on are not working.  What Christians call “evil” is simply the less attractive side of our humanity. We want to disown the ugly side but we can’t, it’s a part of our nature. Only evolution and a worldwide determination to denounce our past and find a way to live without greed, hate, and the violence they encourage.  If the climate doesn’t kill us off first. 


I     protested in the 60s and 70s over civil rights and war, yet I also served in the military because I felt I owed that to my country. I’ve been outspoken against racism, mankind’s destruction of the planet, the rise of fascism, and the growing prevalence of ignorance all my adult life. My voice has seldom been heard.  But I'm getting worn out. I'm not hopeful for humanity.  So I’m following the path laid down by one of my heroes.  https://